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Capturing Speaker and Slide Format on Camtasia

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Recommended Equipment

  • Presentation software of your choice that allows annotations

  • PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, and Google Slides allow for slide annotations

Recording on Camtasia

  1. Open Camtasia

  2. Select Record at the top left corner of the window

Screenshot of a close up of the Camtasia window, pointing out the Record button.

3. The TechSmith Camtasia Recorder window will pop-up

Screenshot of a computer screen displaying the TechSmith Camtasia Recorder window. Behind the aforementioned window is a PowerPoint window.

4. Select which computer screen to record; ensure the window you're recording is where your lecture slides are located.

Screenshot of a computer screen displaying the TechSmith Camtasia Recorder window showing how the presentation is in the same window being recorded. 

5. If you would like your video to be captured simultaneously, ensure your webcam is turned on.

Make sure that you are in the center of the frame being recorded from the mid-shoulders up and with slight headspace.

6. Select the microphone you will be using to capture your audio

Screenshot of Techsmith Camtasia Recorder window showing audio options.

7. If you have audio or videos playing in your lecture slides, make sure to turn on System Audio

8. Select Start Recording. A three-second countdown will start before the

recording begins

Screenshot of a computer screen showing Camtasia three-second countdown.

9. Fullscreen your slides and begin your presentation

Screenshot of PowerPoint Presentation.

10. When you're done with your presentation, end your slide show.

11. Click on the film icon at the top right of your computer's menu bar and select Stop Recording.

Screenshot of cursor hovering over the Stop Recording option in the Camtasia menu located on the taskbar.

12. You'll be redirected to Camtasia where your recording is automatically placed in the Media tab

Screenshot of the Camtasia window showing the final recording located in the Media bin folder.
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